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A Homeowner's Guide to Control4 Automation

Control4 AutomationControl4 is a premier provider of home automation, an increasingly popular trend in houses across the country. From anywhere in your home, you can use your mobile device or computer to control audio in each room, coordinate all aspects of your home theater system, and much more. Here are some details about Control4’s automation system.

What It Offers

Control4’s home automation system offers a wealth of useful features. You can control your audio, video, temperature, lighting, and security with one system. Control4 offers its 4Sight feature for an added peace of mind. You will be able to check the garage, doors, alarm system, and more from the Control4 app on your mobile device or computer. You can even check your house while you are at work or on vacation.


With Control4, you can truly create a system that fits exactly into your needs. Simply tell the installer what you want to be able to control. Whether you want to retrofit your existing property, remodel it, or just automate certain rooms in the process, you can specify all of this in the planning stage. Even if you want to start with something small, you can easily build onto it later without any complications.


Control4 provides an intuitive, centralized control pad for you to use. Additionally, you can access the web application from your computer or any mobile device. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Quality Control

Control4’s automation system needs to be installed by a trained professional, ensuring that everything meets their standards. You can consult with a professional, and map out the perfect system for your lifestyle. There are vendors located all around the United States for you to choose from.

As Milwaukee’s premier Control4 dealer, Techteriors is here to help you design the system of your dreams. We also offer home theater installation, security surveillance systems, and much more. Call us at (262) 912-6150, or visit our website to find out more.

Top Reasons to Choose Structured Wiring for Your Home

Home Wiring Structure

As technology keeps advancing, traditional wiring systems are becoming obsolete. Houses are

becoming one synchronized unit, as opposed to a jumbled mess of different configurations (cable, telephone lines, etc.) that is often times the case with traditional wiring methods. Installing structured wiring in your house has many advantages.


Installing structured wiring in your house means combining all forms of wiring into one system. This can include your security system, audio, video, and more. For example, you can install one printer in your house that can be used by all computers in different rooms. Furthermore, you can start playing a movie in your home theater, and continue to watch it in your bedroom from the same spot you paused it at.

Better Signal

Conventional wiring systems typically use what is called daisy-chained wiring methods. This means that cables would be hooked up from one outlet to the next, and the further down the line the weaker the signal. With structured wiring, all cables are connected to the central panel, and they provide equal, great quality signal to every room.

Preparing Your House for the Future

With structured wiring systems, you can adapt to new technologies as they come. Even if you are not using the newest technologies currently, it will pre-wire your home to integrate them when you are ready to.


When there is a problem with traditional wiring, it is a headache to figure out where the issue stems from. With structured wiring systems, it is easy to isolate different cables and find the problem.

Techteriors is Milwaukee's trusted provider of structured wiring systems. Our experienced professionals help make your house a smart home. We also specialize in home lighting, temperature control systems, and much more. Call us today at (262) 912-6150 for more information.

Reasons to Choose Control4 Automation

Control4 automation makes it easy and convenient to control your entire home network. With one simple touch, you can change your home audio and video systems. You can even control the home lighting systems, the thermostat, and your window treatments.

This system does not have a lot of buttons or equipment that make it difficult to control your home network. It is easy to use and puts you in complete control over what happens inside your home. Check out this video to learn more.

From home automation to security surveillance systems, no one installs technology better in Milwaukee than Techteriors, LLC. Our experts give you access to state-of-the-art technology features that can enhance your home or office. Call (262) 912-6150 to learn more about our products and locations.

Why You Should Invest in Wireless Conference Room Technology

Conference room technologyIf you want to create an effective and productive corporate atmosphere, it is important to utilize commercial audio and visual products that bring optimal efficiency to your workspace. Keep reading to find out how wireless conference room technology can help your business reach new levels of success:

It Allows You to Simplify Presentations

Wireless conference technology gives you the tools to utilize a wide range of technology in your presentations. Since everything is connected wirelessly, it takes less time to set up the equipment before your presentation. This kind of technology also makes it easier to relay the information to the other people in the conference room to encourage camaraderie amongst your staff.

It Helps You Improve Your Image

State-of-the-art technology like this also helps you improve your image for clients and potential clients who visit your office. When you can take them to such a modern conference room, they see that you want to use technology to improve the way your business functions.

It Gives You the Chance to Take Advantage of New Technology

If you are operating on a wireless system, it is also easier to incorporate new technology into your conference room. Whenever your business wants to incorporate a new kind of technology into the conference room, you can easily add it to the wireless system.

It Increases Usability

Wireless systems help everyone in the office take advantage of new technology. Even people who are not used to dealing with technology can figure out how to use these wireless systems to enhance their presentations.

If you want to update your office with wireless conference room technology, Techteriors, LLC can help. Our Milwaukee professionals can install the newest and best technology features in your home or office. From home automation to security surveillance systems, our experts are here to give you access to these audio, video, lighting, communications, security, and control features. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (262) 912-6150.

Apple vs. Android for Automation

Android vs. Apple

Automation systems help you utilize technology in your home or office so you can easily control audio and visual equipment, change the temperature, and alter the lighting. When it comes to automation, does Apple or Android do it better? Keep reading to find out:

For a long time, Apple’s Homekit home automation software led the industry by giving homeowners control over the technology in their homes. Google wanted to find a way into the industry, though, and launched Google Nearby to give homeowners a smart tracking system that allows different devices to know when they are near each other to improve automation capabilities. Both companies have mastered the technology, though, the best choice for you usually depends on which platform you prefer.

The experts at Techteriors, LLC can help you find the right automation system for your technology needs. If you want to connect the audio, visual, and lighting features in your home or office, we make it easy to update your system and take advantage of the newest technology. To learn more about our services in Milwaukee, visit us online or call (262) 243-9800.

Conference Room Tech to Boost Your Business: [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is your conference room the heartbeat of your office or a dead space waiting to be put to use? Turn your conference room into an ideas hub for your employees and your clients by updating your technologies. Lighting and temperature systems can provide increased control over your energy usage, so you can cut waste while making the working environment more productive. State-of-the-art conferencing and audio/video equipment can help you forgo pricey business trips for convenient virtual meetings. Milwaukee’s Techteriors, LLC highlights ways to update your conference room in this infographic. Please feel free to share this information in the workplace and beyond to help boost business efficiency.


Lighten Up with Automated Shade Systems: [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever noticed that your moods are vastly different on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days? This isn’t just a coincidence. Exposure to natural daylight increases levels of serotonin, a feel-good hormone that can ward off the symptoms of depression. In places with long winters such as Milwaukee, getting plenty of natural daylight can help reduce the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder. However, there are times when sunlight can cause glare and disrupt your daily activities. Installing automated shade systems on your windows and doors can improve your mood as well as the look of your home, as you’ll easily be able to let sunlight in or block it out. Automated shade systems are ideal for home theaters, bedrooms, kitchens, and anywhere else you want to easily control the amount of light that comes into your home. Take a look at this infographic from the Milwaukee automated shade installation experts at Techteriors, LLC to learn more about automated window treatments. Please share with your friends and family!


Transform Your Entertainment System with Control4

Control4 offers premium home automation services that make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite videos and music from any room in your home. Take advantage of high fidelity sound in every room. Play HD video from any platform to any television.

You can use your smart phone or tablet to listen to Pandora, Spotify, or thousands of radio stations. Check out this video to learn more about the amazing automation potential of Control4.

With the help of Techteriors, LLC, you can get your ultimate home automation system. Our audio/visual experts can install these features to optimize your entertainment experience. To learn more about our technology and installation services in the Milwaukee area, visit us online or call (262) 243-9800.

Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bill

heating costs

You might be paying too much for your heating without even realizing it. If you are tired of higher-than-average bills during the winter, it might be time to update your home network and temperature control systems so you can lower your costs without sacrificing the heat in your house:

Take Advantage of Home Automation

Home automation allows you to make your home more efficient than ever. You can install a Smart home control system that gives you even more control over the temperature. Whether you want to automatically set the thermostat to a lower temperature when you are at work or have the ability to change the thermostat from anywhere, home automation lets you do it. This technology update allows you to use your heat more efficiently, which can lower your costs.

Check the Windows

If your home has older windows, they might not provide enough insulation to keep hot air inside and cold air outside. You can use window film to fill in these vulnerable areas and prevent the hot air from finding its way outside. This small change can save you a lot of money on your heating costs this winter.

Update Your Window Treatments

Keeping the blinds and curtains closed during the day can also help you retain heat inside your home. You might want to invest in a lighting and shade control system that makes it easier than ever to raise and lower your window treatments. If you are serious about saving money on heating costs, this kind of technology helps you do it while adding value to your home. Utilize the available resources to add energy efficiency to your home in time for winter.

Techteriors, LLC can help you utilize new technology in your home to make it more efficient than ever before. From home lighting systems to home automation, we help you take advantage of technology that optimizes the way your home functions. To learn more about our Milwaukee technology services, visit us online or call (262) 243-9800.

Networking from Your Home Computer

social media concept

Technology is everywhere these days—especially throughout our homes! Computerized systems make it easy to control almost anything in the house. The right gadgets let you control your television, lighting, security, and other systems with the click of a few buttons.

If you are ready to bring your home into the digital age, Techteriors can help you get there. We specialize in setting up the best home networks so homeowners can enjoy all of their digital services without interruption. Our team has experience with wired and wireless installation, meaning you can get the perfect network for all of the systems inside and outside of your home. We start with a consultation to make sure we meet all of your needs and leave you satisfied with your network.

Start building your home network today by contacting the experts at Techteriors! Discover our amazing home theater, audio, lighting, and temperature control systems for homes throughout Milwaukee by visiting our website or calling us at (262) 243-9800.

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